Loserville, co-written by former Busted star James Bourne, opened at the Garrick Theatre on the 17th October 2012, previewing from October 1st. 


Check out the London reviews:
"The choreographic expression, conjured up by Nick Winston’s vision, is simply choreography at its very highest level and absolutely faultless" Entertainment Focus
"Nick Winston’s choreography is intricate and fast, performed fantastically by the ensemble with true polish and perfection. A mix of hip-hop and musical theatre styles, the choreography stands out from anything else in the West End"
"a lot to enjoy in the big, bold mix of bracing, jagged movement by choreographer Nick Winston and the rock riffs of Bourne’s punchy score" The Sunday Express
"Nick Winston and Frances O’Connor have given life to a world that could so easily be colourless and camp."
"Winston's dancing chorus never seeming to pause for breath, so that every production number is a delight to watch" Theatre guide London 
"Nick Winston’s clever choreography delights" The Public Reviews
"slickly choreographed by Nick Winston" exeuntmag
"Creatively, Loserville is a triumph. Steven Dexter (Director), Nick Winston (Choreographer) and Francis O’Connor (Set Design) have created high tech environment where binary and circuit boards reign" as magazine
"there’s a welcome youthful vitality in the choreography of Nick Winston" The Stage


"Nick Winston the Choreographer with some outstanding dancing by this young cast making this an absolutely knockout show." Leeds Guide






Loserville at the WYP - Reviews


"Nick Winston the Choreographer with some outstanding dancing by this young cast making this an absolutely knockout show."  Leeds Guide
‎"Nick Winston's choreography contemporary, thrilling and fun." British Theatre Guide
"Nick Winston’s hilariously dorky choreography is so energetic that I think I lost five pounds just watching it" OneApostrophe
"inspirational choreography by Nick Winston" Public Reviews
"the cast is uniformly excellent, the choreography sassy and with a wit of its own"  Yorkshire Post
"Steven Dexter's direction and Nick Winston's choreography give pace and verve."  The Guardian
"The impeccable choreography wowed the crowd"  DigYorkshire


"Stephen Dexter’s direction and Nick Winston’s choreography were superb"  Leeds Life


"littered with Nick Winston’s peppy ensemble dance routines" The Times 


"rocking, rollicking, poster-bright, high-energy fun" Loserville" The Observer


"there’s no doubting the sheer verve and nerve of the pounding score, with its guitar riffs and drum beats that have been stunningly arranged by Martin Lowe, or of its choreographic expression in Nick Winston’s galvanising and angular dance moves"
 The Stage




Nick has received rave reviews for his work on the West YorkshirePlayhouse Production of ANNIE 

"Nick Winston, who has been earning his dues in regional theatre, is fast turning into one of best stage choreographers we have. Really wonderful work!" Mark Shenton **** Sunday Express 

"Brilliant Choreography by Nick Winston" **** The Times 

"Deftly choreographed by Nick Winston" **** Sunday Express 

"Nick Winston, who choreographed the magnificent Pinocchio for Opera North here in Leeds, has the adult chorus dancers using the traditional jumps, kicks, twists and twirls of the period, the 1930s, and he throws in some neat tap dancing. Yes traditional, but not old-fashioned." The Stage 

"dazzling, moving, humorous, colourful show, superbly choreographed by Nick Winston" York Press 

"Impressive choreography by Nick Winston brought the stage alive with dancers old and young, fizzing, leaping and stomping with exuberance" ***** Public Reviews