I Dreamed A Dream


I Dreamed A Dream

World Premiere Friday 23rd March 2012 

UK TOUR March 31st - June 23rd 2012 

Producer: Michael Harrison 
Directer: Ed Curtis 
Choreographer: Nick Winston 
Designer: Morgan Large 
Lighting: Ben Cracknall 
Video Design: Jack James 
Sound Design: Richard Brooker 

Susan Boyle
Cast: Elaine C Smith, Gordon Cooper, Liz Ewing, Andy Gray, Ashleigh Gray, Jeffrey Harmer, David Haydn, Karen Mann, Frances Mayli McCann, Alan McHugh, James Patterson, Anne Smith

***** The Telegraph 
***** Daily Express 
**** Mail On Sunday

**** The Times

**** The Sunday Times


Click for the The RTE radio review - "the choreography is quite simply superb"

"Elaine C Smith gives a powerhouse performance. Compelling, funny, tragic and gritty and as moving as Blood Brothers." The Chronicle 

"Elaine C Smith… tremendously effective and moving star performance." The Scotsman **** 

"There is no doubting that I Dreamed A Dream is one of the musical events of the year." ***** 

"Funny and touching" Sunday Telegraph 

"Riveting" The Times **** 

"Sheer theatrical magic...a hugely uplifting evening." Daily Express ***** 

"The show is hard to fault…this is a delight that deserves to go far." The Telegraph ***** 

"Terrific theatrical energy." The Scotsman **** 

"Don't judge a book by its cover. I Dreamed A Dream, the Susan Boyle musical, is a knock-out and deserves a West End run." The Telegraph *****