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Nick Winston has been listed as one of the top 10 Musical Theatre choreographers in The Stage.

“Nick Winston is fast turning into one of best stage choreographers we have. Really wonderful work!” Mark Shenton, Sunday Express

“The choreographic expression, conjured up by Nick Winston’s vision, is simply choreography at its very highest level and absolutely faultless” Entertainment Focus

“When the generations join forces in Nick Winston’s expertly choreographed Who’s That Woman?, the effect is enough to make even a critic clap” **** The Guardian

“Nick Winston’s heel-kicking, witty choreography, rises to such occasions with alacrity” **** The Times

“and of course, Nick Winston’s choreography, which senses out every nerve of fish, fowl, animal and mechanical to a nicety” ***** The Times

“The dancing is superb, with showstopping choreography by Nick Winston” **** The Times

“choreographer Nick Winston has done a brilliant – if not to say brilliantined – job” **** The Telegraph

“masterfully Directed and Choreographed by Nick Winston” **** At The Theatre

Nick Winston